It smells like …

Do you know this? When you go out of the house and it smells like snow?
So it smells different somehow. Fresh. Like it’s gonna start snowing in minutes.
Today is such a day here and I would be really happy if it started snowing again. The last „real“ snowfall we had here about the turn of the year 2010/ 2011.

But what I actually wanted to write are the answers of the questions:

Why only one lens and why just this combination?

Yes, I know. There are so many stories and reasons to limit yourself to one single lens. So I’ll leave out the reasons and write briefly about my combination of X-T10 and XF27mm.

For a long time I have been thinking about whether a good compact camera would be enough for me. A Fuji X100F or even the even smaller XF10.

I even owned a X100T once and enjoyed all the advantages. But in the end the focal length of 23mm was a bit too far for me. I also tested the XF10 and had a lot of fun. But with its 18.5mm it has an even wider angle lens. So it’s not really suitable for everyday use. For me.

27mm on the APS-C sensor is for me the focal length that captures exactly what I see. Maybe I see differently since I use the 27mm more often.

The X-T10 is a very small camera. It offers, besides a good viewfinder, a flip-up display and a built-in flash that can be used as a commander to trigger an external flash.

Especially these last two things are decisive for the X-T10 to be preferred over my X-Pro1.

The output of both cameras is nearly identical. At least in my eyes. Minimal differences in the Jpgs I can neglect.

So in the end I have a compact camera with one lens. Less sensor dust, no focal length change and still wonderful pictures.

If Fuji thinks about developing a compact camera with a lens between 27 and 35 in the near future … I would be the first customer.

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