Hello 2020

Everything is prepared. 2019 is history.
The camera has been reset and the counter starts at 1 again!

A 12-frame project is planned. I will visit a tree, which I have passed many times before, once a month and take pictures of it. I would like to accompany it so to speak through the year.
In the end there will be 12 pictures of him. I am curious.

I will also use my X-T10 with the 27mm lens. If possible exclusively. Unless there is a special request for photos.
For me the X-T10 with the 27mm will be like a compact camera, which I always have with me. Similar to a X100. But with just 27mm instead of 23mm and a tilting display.

Also I would like to visit one or two workshops in 2020. Product and/or architectural photography.
There I want to learn something and be inspired. That depends on whether the photographer I choose offers something this year and of course on how much it costs.

Otherwise my focus this year will be on nature photography. Being outside, enjoying the beauty of nature, finding peace and quiet, reducing stress.

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